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Strategic partnership with Santiago Advisors


adago focuses on developing software solutions to optimize management decisions through AI-powered, data-driven processes. But we want to go one step further to support our customers in the best possible way.


To this end, we have partnered with Santiago Advisors to offer targeted consulting support for all data science and IT-related subjects. Our joint team combines extensive consulting expertise with the highest level of technology competence.


Through this combination, adago is able to develop actionable recommendations for management and enable the acceleration of technology and decision-making processes for our clients.


Dr. Juan Rigall, Managing Director of Santiago, adds:

"adago's solutions focus on concrete, measurable results. For example, in R&D, faster time-to-market; in Operations, increased production capacity; and in Supply Chain, a reduction in tied-up capital. That perfectly fits with our vision of being a renown and trusted partner in shaping our client’s future.”

For more information, let's get in touch!

Michael Nesnov
Co-Founder & CEO