We signed the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal!


At adago, we believe in the importance of maintaining industrial production in Europe and fostering a sustainable future. This initiative complements the Green Deal, focusing on site development, green transition, and energy-intensive production.


Key calls to action for EU leaders include: 

  1. Put the Industrial Deal at the core of the new European Strategic Agenda for 2024-2029. 

  2. Include a strong public funding chapter with a Clean Tech Deployment Fund. 

  3. Make Europe a globally competitive provider of energy. 

  4. Focus on the infrastructure Europe needs. 

  5. Increase the EU’s raw materials security. 

  6. Boost demand for net zero, low carbon and circular products. 

  7. Leverage, enforce, revive and improve the Single Market. 

  8. Make the innovation framework smarter. 

  9. A new spirit of law-making. 

  10. Ensure the structure allows to achieve results. 


As Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo highlighted, Europe must be a continent of industrial innovation and production. 


We believe in the importance of open communication between industry and government. Particularly during difficult times, it's crucial to set aside personal agendas and collaborate for our shared future. 


Discover more here: antwerp-declaration.eu